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With over 8 years of experience in capturing life’s most precious moments through the art of videography. brave to get out from comfort zone to start get my own projects in 2018. With a creative eye and passion for storytelling, I transformed my journey from a humble beginning, was starting out with just an iPhone 4s, to get the skill and sought after expert in the field.

From wedding videos that capture the love and joy of your special day, to pre-wedding videos that showcase your unique love story, I tried to develop skills and expertise extend to music videos, advertising videos, profile videos, and any other content that you may need to bring your vision to life. With an unparalleled dedication to my craft, I bring a wealth of experience, creativity, and professionalism to every project I undertake.

Whether you’re looking to create a cinematic masterpiece or capture the magic of a once in a lifetime event, here I'm ANYWHERE based videographer has the expertise to deliver an unforgettable video that you will cherish for years to come. So why wait? Get in touch today and let this expert transform your vision into a stunning reality.


o2 luxury pinisi boat

europe couple seaseon trip

JAPAN couple seaseon trip

private luxury family trip


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weva textile campaign

bali international flight academy

pyano eleven music video

weva textile commercial video

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parfume commercial video

I always see the shoot results immediately after take, and they are all so perfect. Wendle uses the best equipment to achieve the results I want!”

Shelly Liu

Artist & Singer

“Wendle is willing to go above and beyond to meet our expectations. It is proven when the first time I saw the sneak peak result only one day after shooting and it blew my mind! The visuals were stunning and the editing is on-point. Well done Wendle & team!”

Irma Djohan


Bali Flight Academy

“Wendle & his team were very communicative from the very beginning of our project, they led us every step of the way to ensure the production day is running smoothly. I am really happy with their work ethics - they are professionals and they get things done effectively and efficiently.”

Novia Sabrina

Sales & Marketing Manager

Bali Flight Academy

“I used Wendle’s service 4 times. Wendle created every video campaign of my 3 businesses. If that didn’t tell you how good he is, I don’t know what will”



NJ Mobilindo - Hanan Pro - AUTO X Workshop

“The shootings took place in Bali and we loved every second of it! Wendle made the process very fun and it felt like we were vacationing even though we came there for work. Not to mention that the video result is FIRE and it has became our most watched video that we have ever published in 2 years”

Johan & Barnie

DJ & Singer


“The results are very impressive, I never thought a video can be so powerful before I met Wendle”



WEVA Textiles

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